vrijdag 7 juni 2013

Green is hot

Green bottles by Studio Joyz

Green is hot! It's been a 'trending topic' on dutch interior blogs these last couple of weeks. Partly due to the dutch interiormagazine VT wonen whose latest issue featured '50 shades of green'. And indeed, when looking around, there are so many green colours. I must say it's not really my kind of colour in my interior, but a little green here and there can make a nice picture. I've made a collection of 'green' images I found, but I'm sure there are many more shades of green around!

 via Pinterest (source unknown)

 via Blackballoon, home Tine K

 via Home Adore

 via My Attic

  via VT wonen

 via Pinterest (source unknown)

 via Pinterest (source unknown)

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