woensdag 3 april 2013

Danish summerhouse

Have a look at this great little Danisch beachhouse. It measures only 42 m2, but a family of 5 can stay here. The space inside is used very cleverly. And the light colourscheme, shades of grey in combination with warm wooden accents, makes the whole look very spacious.

Besides the kitchen a wooden ladder is placed against the wall, which leads to the extra sleepingplaces on the vide.

A nice and cosy bench is build in the niche. Clever use of otherwise lost space, and very usefull with the drawers underneath for extra storage.

All pictures via Bolig Magasinet

A beautiful and sober outside terrace. All matches very well with the exterior of the cottage.

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  1. Deze mooie foto's zag ik op Pinterest ook al voorbij komen. Wat een heerlijke rust straalt ervan uit. Je zou zo de auto instappen en de boel de boel laten.