maandag 29 april 2013

Blue patterns

via Vineet Kaur

Today some images that show beautiful blue patterns. I love the combination of blue and white, it looks so fresh! And how nice to combine different patterns with each other. As long as you take the same colour range, a combination of patterns can give an awesome effect.
Have a nice day, and for all Dutch readers have a great Orange day tomorrow!

via BrownBirds

1. Nicole Franzen 2. Day home collection

Too cool - Dutch Delft Blue in wallpaper. How you liking this trend?  Porcelain blue wallpaper | Products | Studio Ditte
via Studio Ditte

Interior press shootFoto: Anna Kern
via Blue Jeans Company

1. David Ross 2. Pinterest (source unknown) 3. Foodografia 4. Wall & Deco

woensdag 24 april 2013

Wooden ladder

via Pinterest (source unknown)

An old wooden ladder, don't get rid of it. As shown in these images they can be of great use in any interior. Use it to keep your magazines in your livingroom or home office, to keep your fashion accessories in the bedroom or to hang your towels in the bathroom. And beside the usefulness of a ladder, it's also a very decorative item.

DIY mag rack/deco ladder by Trendenser
via Trendenser, photo Frida Ramstedt

The Veda House // Studio Tour

via Siena

via Drabbel

perfect bathroom

via VT wonen

Vosgesparis: I’ll stop wearing black the day they make a darker color

maandag 22 april 2013

White home

I have a crush on white homes, they always seem so crisp and clean. This beautiful house has a very light atmosphere. I love the kitchen with the high ceiling and high windows. The little touch of colour here and there makes it a real home. 
More pictures can be found at Bo Bedre, photography by Pernille Kaalund.

Dining Room In Denmark Photography By Pernille Kaalund published in

via Bo Bedre, photography Pernille Kaalund

zaterdag 20 april 2013

Summercolour mix

What a beautiful colours used in the image above, I love the simple decoration of flat baskets against the wall! The images I collected below all have those nice summer colours. All multicoloured without the colours being to prominent. They make me long for warm sunny days!

pillows and shelf

(via Life is Beautiful...just add color)

cute colours for outside
via Pinterest (source unknown)

Bakets & Pillows

vrijdag 19 april 2013

Happy orange

Hanna´s room & Pinterest

Here in the Netherlands things are slowly turning orange. In two weeks time we'll have the inauguration of our new King en with orange beïng the royal colour, you can see it everywhere now.
I think orange is a very happy and warm colour, it really brightens up your interior. To get in the 'royal' mood I collected some images today with orange accents. Have a Happy day!

via El Ramla Hamra

vt-wonen oranje inspiratie  #kleurinspiratie

via Homelife


Jamie's Italian via UR design

Vintage Dream #limitedhype
via Pinterest

zaterdag 13 april 2013

Danish apartment

I love the colourscheme in this beautiful danish apartment. It's almost completely white with some black, grey and natural colours added through the accessoiries. And the white floor gives the apartment a wonderful serene look. A great and peaceful place to call home!

vrijdag 12 april 2013

La Cascada - Mallorca

This wonderful home, called La Cascada (Mallorca), would be just perfect for a nice and relaxing holiday. It looks so very at ease with al those light colours and natural materials. All pictures are from photograher Janne Peters.